Monday, 7 September 2009

Lovely Lizards...

Kyle has been in a terrifically good mood all weekend, she's had plenty of basking time and all her favourite dinners. Tsam has submitted to her when she's on the windowsill which has been a huge ego boost for her - not that it makes her boss, but it makes her feel Top Lizard for a while; she's quite happy to submit to him the rest of the time. He might be the Big Cheese but he still can't resist duvet snuggles. Note: however big a lizard is, if you treat him or her like when they were small, they will LOVE it. The fact he submits when she's higher is interesting, he's not really fussed about being Boss, he just does it because it's his job and Kyle can't be bothered to knock him into line. He is big after all.

Terry is growing at a lightning rate now - 5.9g on Thursday, 6.1g on Saturday, 6.6g Wednesday and maintaining those lovely markings and colour patterns. Still not sure of Terry's sex, but I've never been worried by that - I've got it wrong for most of them in the first few months anyway!

Progress with Snek is slow, she's more Sneak than Snake - but we'll get there. I have respect for her and a distinct lack of trust - she knows that and appreciates it thankfully. I upped her mouse size and she's getting used to being stroked with the toughglove again. I've used the glove often in the past when she's gotten a little crazy, it discourages her from biting - not that I think she will, it's just a precaution. She can be snippy when grumpy.

Our new bottle of olive oil exploded too. We're still not sure what happened, but George heard a smash and was puzzled when there wasn't anyone in the kitchen. Until he got hit by a tidal wave of finest virgin oil. It was a brand new, unopened bottle which has mysteriously blown out at a bottom corner, causing the side and top to drop into the middle. Most odd. But it's done a lovely job of waterproofing my cork mats on the side...

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