Sunday, 23 August 2009

Stop - Book Crossing!

Today we used my award vouchers at Pizza Hut after a good afternoon at the cinema, which was nice - but the nicest thing happened on the way home. I spotted a book abandoned on a bench in the middle of town and strolled across to pick it up. I stopped in surprise at reading a sticker on the front: "This book is not lost!" Fair enough thinks I, looking for the owner. The rest of the sticker explained: "It's a travelling book, waiting for you to find it!" How wonderful!

I'm now a member of BookCrossing - a team that's best described as guerilla librarians. It's really rather a beautiful system for sharing a book you've enjoyed and want to pass on. BookCrossing gives it a unique BCID Number and you then "release it into the wild" to be found by a passing stranger. Whomever finds it, like myself with this book, "Witchcraft & Black Magic" (BCID: 003-7425446) is to read it then log a record of it and it's release on the website. You can even follow my BCID to see where it has been, and where it goes!

This book (along with some of my own BCID'd novels!) will be released somewhere on my travel home to Lincolnshire in a couple of weeks, so if you're in any big train stations between Somerset and Lincolnshire, have a look round - you never know!

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