Saturday, 29 August 2009

New Wanderings and NumberWang!

The early morning fog was a delicate, wispy veil at dawn; tinted a juicy, fresh shade of apricot against the bruised plum purple clouds and kingfisher blue skies. Glorious!

So far the BookCrossing mission is going great guns! The trip in distributed a total of 11 books, my favourite being a ninja delivery to the sleeping guy a row ahead of me - he woke up to find a book propped up against him and wandered happily off with it.

Three more went to some people on the Flying Scotsman - one lady looked bored, so I gave her it, another lady wondered what BookCrossing was about, and her husband on the row behind stuck his head over. "Tom Clancy?" says I. "You've got me perfect!" says he, so he now has a copy to enjoy and pass on.

Various others were deposited on busy station benches - a Steven King outside of Body Shop in Waterloo, Alchemist's Cat at the waiting point at King's Cross and Stupid Cupid on a tubetrain seat - as I got off, the fellow opposite picked it up and started reading. Success!

I have always liked That Mitchell and Webb Look, and they're releasing a book soon - This Mitchell and Webb Book.

Thanks to that, I found a nifty little link to their website (see below) where you can play their famous game NumberWang for yourself! Very difficult, see if you can get further than I did.

Statutory Health Warning: This game is designed to, and will, drive you insane. Good luck! (Sometimes letters help.)

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