Sunday, 16 August 2009

Chicken and Chilli...

Wowwee. Well, I've recovered from the week of crazy that was the family visiting - small dog and all. His Lordship was... impressed is the wrong word, with the ability of the dog to choose the nice carpet to go to the toilet on. I wouldn't mind the livingroom carpet so much, but it was the nice carpet.

Oh well! It was good to see everyone, chicken gravy just as I remember it should be and a fiiiiine pot of chilli. My great big stockpot didn't even last the evening, it was that good! My Mexican Chilli cheese was greatly appreciated by my sister - she likes the spicy. I may have to post some, but I haven't decided yet.

So much for recovery - I just found this shocking photo of one of my old friends... Augh! Get me some eye bleach, quick!

It's my own fault, I've been looking for a friends of mine from back home. Properly weird though is another chap I know, whom I lost touch with at least five years ago. He's turned up living less than 30 miles away. What are the chances of that?! I hate to admit it, but Facebook's actually really handy for this kind of thing.

I spent a good couple of hours on the terrarium the other day, carefully layering the hydroleca, netting and potting compost. After, I released some earthworms and woodlice to create a natural biocycle and topped it with some dead magnolia leaves. I planted two miniature palms, Terry's favourite peace lily and my own special treat for the gecko - miniature alpine strawberry plants, so when they fruit, s/he can eat them fresh. Thankfully the nice old gent of the magnolia plant didn't think it weird that I wanted dead leaves. I must pop a pic of the tank through his door as a thanks.

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